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About Us

A close-knit group of professionals whom skill expertise in car technical services (since 1971), combining passion with experience to provide best credible works.

Yew Lee (友利) do not cut corners. If we have done better, it is our value of social responsibility towards every single details; with care to our customers and high level of workmanship for your overall drive safety.

Our in-depth portfolio of works can be found on Google Maps.

Alternator & Battery

More than 210,000 alternators repaired by him.

Working for his passion from 1966, providing long lasting repair solutions to customers.

华语, Malay

Mr Lee

Tyre Operations, Technical Management

Detailed and being extremely precise in his handling.

For the last 25+ years, many customers specifically requested for his service.

English, 华语



Understanding and working on customers needs.

Providing answers and price quotes for your products & services.

Advanced Basic English, 华语

Mrs Lee (Mdm Ang)

Knowledge Management, Business Planning

Multiple diversification.

Recommendations, detailed traceability of products and working on your needs.

English, 华语


Senior Expert Specialist

Sepcialised expert mechanic, always to your aid.

Gracious and friendly, often helping customers with their urgent problems.

Basic English, Malay, 华语


Senior Expert Specialist

Solving your onsite battery replacement, wiring; and various tyre related services in our workshop.

SME for Light Trucks in alternators.

English, Basic Tamil, 华语


Senior Expert Specialist

Fine workmanship is his success mechanical portfolio.

Great with eliminating automotive pain points, creating confidence and assurance.

Basic English, 华语


Senior Category Specialist

Powered by sense of fine hand working,

Excellent with equilibrium related services and crafts e.g kerb-rashed minor rim refurbishment.