Our Standalone Services

Open 745am to 545pm daily. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

We believe in accurate handling and commitment to every jobs we accepted. Helping customers to save on additional visits cost that could be put for better use.

1. Wheel Balancing

To help ensure a smooth, vibration-free ride and improvement towards tyre lifespan.

2. Wheel Rotation

Wheel Rotation Services - Yew Lee Battery Singapore Rotation every 8000 km as a guideline for tyre to wear evenly and last significantly longer.

3. Punctured Tyre Patching

Puntured Tyre Repair Patching - Yew Lee Battery SingaporeBasic patching or Complete internal sealing for punctured tyre. Complete sealing workmanship handled solely by Mr Lee, owner of the workshop.

4. Nitrogen Inflation

Nitrogen Gas Tyre Inflation - Yew Lee Battery Singapore Slowing down pressure loss from tyre.

5. Swap Wheel Services - 2 Cars

Swap Tyre Service - Yew Lee Battery Singapore Swapping wheels between two cars with the same wheel specification.

6. Alternator & Starter Repair

Car Alternator & Starter Motors Repair - Yew Lee Battery Singapore Expert diagnostic from our specialists and repair works.

7. Battery Change - Onsite Battery Replacement

Battery Check - Onsite Battery Replacement - Yew Lee Battery Singapore

Checking and changing battery at our workshop or onsite installation. *Things to note for onsite service: We will require info of the Amperes of your battery and if any change modifications or replacement before.

8. Light Wiring for Light Trucks

Light wiring configuration for light trucks.