Bridgestone Alenza 001 SUV

Premium Handling & Comfort.

  • Delivers Instant Steering Response.
  • Giving Better Braking Performance.

Product Traceability Details


Original Licensed Product with over 400 purchases.

* Runflat stated as RFT.

Designed for Premium CUV/SUVs.

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  • Asia's Ultimate Tyre
    Quietest Tyre, SUV Category
    Asia's Ultimate Tyre Awards, 2022

    @credit Bridgestone

    Standard Limited Warranty

    All Bridgestone Tyre comes with a Limited Warranty valid for a period of 5 years starting from the date of manufacture.

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  • Product Authenticity
    Unique Bridgestone Assurance Identifier.

    Licensed Representative, which you are assured on the Quality Control Audit processes.
    An Enhanced Driving Experience
    Premium Class Safety.

    Produced in Japan to suit multiple road conditions.

    Straight Line Stability exhibit the Ease of Handling.
    Complimentary Customer Care

    Allow Our Service to You

    Deep Cleanse your dull wheels to give a Revitalized Bright Look.

    Digital Wheel Balancing for stabilized drive.

    Convert Rubber Valve to German Made Stainless Steel Tube Valve for higher durability.

    For Complete Care (Optional),

    Simply top up a low nominal 80 dollars instore for 4 wheel professional alignment calibration.


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