Continental PremiumContact 6

Premium Optimised Experience.

  • Maximum Wet Braking.
  • Sporty Driving and Great Handling.

Product Traceability Details

Series 6

Original Licensed Product with over 120 purchases.

Designed for Premium Tier Sport / Luxury Cars.
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  • "Really a great set of tires with amazing grip. I have them on a modified BMW, and the grip in these tires are just incredible.

    I feel safe enough to push the car that extra little bit further - drifting is precise, and the tires are just brilliant."

    92% of buyers recommended this product.
    @source Continental

    Continental Limited Warranty

    All Continental Tyres comes with five (5) Years Warranty from the date of installation rather than date of manufacture.
  • Product Authenticity
    All products comes with paperwork for Product Consistency (if any recalls).

    Licensed Representative, which you are assured on the Quality Control Audit processes.
    An Enhanced Driving Experience
    Outstanding improvement of more than 15% in mileage performance

    Optimized engineering giving the Extra Driving Comfort.
    Complimentary Customer Care

    Allow Our Service to You

    Deep Cleanse on your dull wheels to give Revitalized Bright Look.

    Digital Wheel Balancing for stabilized drive.

    Convert Rubber Valve to German Made Stainless Steel Tube Valve for higher stability.

    For Complete Care (Optional),

    Simply top up a low nominal 80 dollars instore for 4 wheel professional alignment calibration.


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