Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun

Giving a high level of comfort experience.

  • Outstanding Traction & Grip.
  • Low noise with Low Wear Rate.

Product Traceability Details

Premium Ziex Ecorun

Original Licensed Product with over 500 purchases.

Designed for Small to Mid-High Range Cars.

Price Inclusive
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  • Standard Limited Warranty

    All FALKEN tyres have a Standard Manufacturer's Limited
    Warranty, valid for 5 years which covers defects
    in workmanship and materials for the life of the
    original usable tread.
  • Product Authenticity
    Paperwork for Product Consistency (if any recalls).

    Assured Quality Control Audit processes.
    An Enhanced Driving Experience
    Latest mini-flagship from their Azenis range, built to Ziex, suiting high friction road surface in Singapore. 

    With the Quietness , Comfort and Braking Distance, It's almost everything you need in a premium tyre.
    Complimentary Customer Care

    Allow our Service to you

    Deep Cleanse on your dull wheels to give a Revitalised Bright Look.

    Digital Wheel Balancing
     for stabilised drive.

    German Made Stainless Steel Tube Valve for higher durability.

    For Complete Care (Optional),

    Simply top up a low nominal 80 dollars instore for 4 wheel professional alignment calibration.


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