Goodyear EG Performance2

Mileage, Wet Braking.

  • Last longer against rough road surface.
  • Effective water dispersion.

Product Traceability Details

EfficientGrip 2

Original Licensed Product with over 10 purchases.

Designed for Mid-High Range Cars.

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  • @credit Goodyear

    Standard Limited Warranty

    All Goodyear Tyres comes with a limited warranty for the usable tread life of the tire (not less than 1.6mm) or 6 years from the date of purchase, whichever expires earlier.
  • Product Authenticity
    All products comes with paperwork for Product Consistency (if any recalls).

    Licensed Representative, which you are assured on the Quality Control Audit processes.
    An Enhanced Driving Experience
    Bearing the Elasticity & Flexibility to adapt to rough road surface and not lesser.

    High EU Label Grading on all parameters to ensure supremacy provident.
    Complimentary Customer Care

    Allow Our Service to You

    Deep Cleanse on your dull wheels to give a Revitalised Bright Look.

    Digital Wheel Balancing for stabilised drive.

    German Made Stainless Steel Tube Valve for higher durability.

    For Complete Care (Optional),

    Simply top up a low nominal 80 dollars instore for 4 wheel professional alignment calibration.


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