"During my engagement with customers, there are some common questions asked and hence this FAQs. " - Jordan (Knowledge Consultant, Co-Owner)

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Our workshop specialised on both Tyres and Batteries related services, including item purchases.

Primarily, customers look for us on solving power regulating issues associated with Batteries, Alternators and Starter Motors. 

In Addition, when they wanted experienced handlers to work on their tyre change/repair.


Our mechanics are specialists with more than 30 years of handling experience.  Our assurance, if the job assignment is accepted, it will be accurately handled. :)

We will very much like to help however our main expertise are on batteries, alternator, starters and tyre . If the underlying problem is other than stated, we will usually recommend you to a nearby trusted workshop that is proficient to handle the problem.  


We are open daily from 745am to 545pm. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. 

Outdoor services are currently only applicable to battery related services, i.e Change of Battery, Jumpstart and Change of Alternator/Starters.

There will be an additional cost for outdoor services due to transport and logistic arrangement .

Please call us at 62722033 as it will be case by case evaluation based on distance and work complexity.

Repair service for items is only available in workshop.

Sorry we don't.

For Tyres.

Nett price per tyre (GST Inclusive price) and include

- Fitment Installation - Wheel Balancing - New Tubeless Valve - Product Warranty By Manufacturer.

For Battery.

Nett price per battery (GST Inclusive price) and include

- Installation - Product Warranty By Manufacturer.

For Tyre:

Purchase price of 1 tyre will usually be steeper due to odd numbers inventory keeping.

For 4 tyres purchase and (*where applicable) if there are volume discount price from distributorship upon ordering. Yes, we will do the final price revision after installation :)

Cost price list provided to us only reflect single tyre price. 


In Singapore, there are a few kinds of different sellers. With the more prominent, mainly traders and industry merchants whose primary model is quick returns from sales of goods.

Workshops are benchmarked against skill proficiency, services and their handling experience. Only labour and material cost are charged unless special cases. Products will come from manufacturer's sole local distributor.

The crtieria approach constitutes the price differences.

In other cases, it might be merely an invitation to treat approach or associated grey import product sourced from third-parties that are not warranted or under any approval from manufacturers.

Whomever consumers choose will be accordingly to his/her preferences or requirements needed.

Grey import products are also called parallel imports which are brought in without permission of the original manufacturers.

In most cases grey import products are genuine products; or varying same model. This varying model despite similar in nature may or may not performed so well for use in Singapore due to different manufacturing process build specifically for a region.

Parallel imports are largely dependent on whoever import them,  individual QA standards enforced,  intentions and credibility.

No, We don't. We are an authorised dealers workshop.

A continuation from above question. Our products comes from official local distributors. 

With current distributor-dealer relationship, official distribution has been providing us quality products supporting quality assurance. This help us to better focused on our job roles and efficiency without worrying about the products we provide or having unintended landing on our hands.

Like most consumers, we do refer to forums at times as well. However we will like to emphasize users to take contents and reviews in moderation.

All tyres purchased from us will come with warranty provided by manufacturer against manufacturing defects. 

The same apply for car batteries.

 Do refer to official respective websites for more details.

*Except for products that you requested from us to source on behalf that we could not verify. 

Warranty for tyres and battery is an insurance against manufacturing defects. (However not applicable if damage are caused by customer neglience.)

In modern manufacturing industry, defects rate are still not zero. 

Over the years , we did submit claims for customers so our humble opinion to comment it's applicable :)

Other Inquires

Yes of course. You can either email us, call us or facebook messenger us. 

For Tyres:

We could provide you an estimated price quote based on single tyre + installation cost.

Yes. credit card payment are encrypted and protected when processed by our payment providers over secure network. We are not able to access this information.