Our products came from appointed main distributors of respective brand manufacturers.

No. Our customers are aware on product quality differences and based on our proficiency of works.

And at times we may pay higher for the higher assured quality.

Order Related

Once an order is placed, you will receive a SMS/Whatsapp confirmation or email (if using Apple / Google Pay) on

1) Date of Goods arrival and
2) Communication on installation timing.

within 12hours after purchase.

If you are not comfortable using credit card online,

You can: (Whatsapp or Chatbox)

1) Confirm on the product purchase.

2) Full Payment first using PayNow by UEN.

Common Questions

Q: Why do I have to pay first before work is being done?
A: As It involves a tangible product and a service,

When we ordered from manufacturers on behalf for you, we can't return the goods, causing unneccessary losses to us.

Real Life Questions (From Customers)

Yew Lee Battery is a 50 years inherited automotive business handed over to the 2nd Gen after founder departure in 2021.

Alan, Technical. 30 years experience, Do on your tyre related services personally.

Jordan - QA/QC Facilitator and Purchaser.

A strong advocate on ethical selling and authenticity. Previously a senior system specialist , currently entrepreneur and designer manufacturer.

Be True and Do It is the way of work.

We always provide to the best we can. Our value don't attempt to phish you in but based on true practices at a minimum viable price.