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Solving Mercedes-Benz Auxiliary Battery Malfunction

Mercedes Auxiliary Battery Malfunction - Yew Lee Battery Singapore

Explanation of Error Codes / Design Mechanism

Most modern Mercedes Benz today use a dual-battery system that consists of the primary car battery and an auxiliary battery.

If this auxiliary battery develops a malfunction, it display as an error message on your dashboard,
  • "Auxiliary Battery Malfunction" or
  • "Stop Vehicle Shift to P leave engine running"
The two most common codes signifying likely a fault.

What does the auxiliary battery do?

Auxiliary battery is responsible for running and powering additional accessories in the car and many others (e.g stop/start, car audio system, signal lights or your vehicle’s safety features). Once it detects failure none of these functions will work.

Will it be safe to drive?

It is always not good to drive with any kind of malfunction as you don't know how or if it will affect car's performance or other functions.